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The truth about laundry soaps

Soap or detergent?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of products labeled as "soap" for washing clothes. However, it is important to understand the essential difference between soap and detergent. While soap is mainly composed of natural ingredients such as oils or fats, detergents are chemical compounds derived from petroleum. This distinction is crucial, especially at a time when we face increasing environmental challenges. For this reason, at Home Healthy Home we are committed to offering you real soaps, made with natural, biodegradable ingredients and manufactured in Spain.


Create products of natural origin for home care, that take care of you and the health of your family.

Products with organic olive oil, vegan, formulated and packaged by hand, biodegradable, without petroleum derivatives, without enzymes, hypoallergenic, in reusable containers and with eco-refills. Natural, simple and effective.

Organic olive oil shower soaps. They nourish, care for and protect your skin every day naturally.

Cold saponified to preserve all the moisturizing properties of organic olive oil. Without harmful dyes or preservatives, without silicones or petroleum derivatives.

Our soaps are not colorful

Our organic olive oil has that characteristic shade you already know, while the organic lavender essence is completely transparent. For this reason, our soaps do not contain any type of artificial coloring. Instead, our soaps are composed of organic olive oil and, if scented, we use organic lavender essence. Natural, simple and effective

Productos naturales pieles sensibles

Did you know that your detergent could also be responsible for irritations and allergies on your skin?

If you have sensitive skin, eczema or skin allergies, it is essential that you select the right laundry soap to care for and protect your skin from irritations and adverse reactions. Choosing products with natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals and without added perfumes are essential to avoid problems and ensure healthier and more comfortable skin.

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