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Para tus vajillas favoritas

Lavavajillas con lemongrass orgánico Nº400

¿Sabes que hay muchas vajillas que no se pueden lavar en tu lavavajillas? Para esas vajillas, tenemos la mejor solución.

The way we wash our clothes has a considerable impact on their care, on the contamination of ecosystems and, most importantly, on our home and therefore on our health.

The products with which we clean our home also have a very important impact on the environment, on our home and therefore on our health.

Nature is that simple but, at the same time, extraordinarily effective.

Natural, simple and effective

The way we take care of our home has a considerable impact on our health and our ecosystems. All our products are natural, with organic virgin olive oil, vegan, hand-packed, biodegradable, without petroleum derivatives, without enzymes, hypoallergenic, in reusable containers and with eco-refills. Formulated and handcrafted in Spain.

Using natural soaps with organic olive oil is the best choice for sensitive skin and to keep your skin naturally nourished and healthy.

Home perfumes formulated and rigorously chosen for their olfactory, antiviral, antibacterial and aseptic properties. Nature offers us everything we need, without resorting to toxic or artificial products.

Made in Spain

Formulated, manufactured and packaged by hand with love

exclusive formulas

All our formulas are made exclusively by and for us with organic olive oil

vegan and organic

Nature offers us the best without resorting to products of uncertain origin


With you, with your home and with our planet

Nuestros jabones no son de colorines

Nuestro aceite de oliva orgánico tiene ese característico tono que ya conoces, mientras que la esencia de lavanda orgánica es completamente transparente. Por esta razón, nuestros jabones no presentan ningún tipo de colorante artificial. En su lugar, nuestros jabones están compuestos de aceite de oliva bio y, en caso de ser perfumados, utilizamos esencia de lavanda orgánica. Natural, sencillo y eficaz

Para evitar esto, nosotros envasamos en botellas de vidrio nuestros jabones de lavandería.

El plástico en los mares se estiman en unos 5,50 billones de fragmentos. El 70% queda en el fondo marino, el 15% en la columna de agua y el 15% en la superficie. Lo que vemos es solo la punta del iceberg.

Did you know that your detergent could also be responsible for irritations and allergies on your skin?

If you have sensitive skin, eczema or skin allergies, it is essential that you select the right laundry soap to care for and protect your skin from irritations and adverse reactions. Choosing products with natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals and without added perfumes are essential to avoid problems and ensure healthier and more comfortable skin.

The Healthy Home

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