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Jabón de lavandería para seda y lana Nº13. - Home Healthy Home botella
Jabón de Lavandería para lana, cashemire y seda. 100% natural y biodegradable. Detergente liquido a base de aceite de oliva.
Jabón de lavandería para seda y lana Nº13. - Home Healthy Home pack
Jabón de lavandería para seda y lana Nº13. - Home Healthy Home

Laundry soap for silk, wool and down with organic lavender Nº13

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Our laundry soap with organic olive oil, especially suitable for wool, silk and down. Formulated to deeply care for and clean your most delicate silk, wool, cashmere, linens, merino wool, mohair, angora , down, etc. Cleans, nourishes, hydrates and preserves the softness of natural fibers, thus increasing longevity. Maintaining the flexibility, shine and color of the fabrics.

High efficiency. Preserves colors, eliminates dirt and bacteria. Concentrated. Ideal for washing in cold water or maximum up to 60ºC. By hand, machine or HE washing machine. Remember to use the wool or delicate cycle of your washing machine. No fabric softener needed.

Formulated with organic olive oil soap of Spanish origin, without enzymes, free of GMOs and petroleum derivatives, without dyes, without harmful preservatives, vegan and biodegradable.

Scented with the delicate fragrance of lavender essential oil from certified organic Spanish cultivation.

Important: at temperatures below 15 °C, the soap becomes a little denser and whitish because we only use natural products in its formulation. Don't worry, it doesn't lose its effectiveness. Place it in a warmer location and shake it lightly, if necessary.

We use natural essences to perfume this product so the color and density may vary significantly depending on the batch, but don't worry because this does not affect the effectiveness of the product at all.

    Available in:

    Glass bottle: 1,000 ml / 33 washes

    Pack Content: 2,000 ml / 66 washes

    Refill content: 1,000 ml / 33 washes

    Travel: 60 ml / 2 washes



    ≤30% Soponified Organic Olive Oil Soap, 5-15% Non-Ionic Sugar Surfactant, <5% Bio Anionic Coconut Surfactant, Organic Lavender Essential Oil  (contains linalool and limonene) This list of ingredients is subject to possible changes or adjustments. For a list that takes into account the latest changes, you should check the label of each product before using it.


    Each ingredient we use fulfills a special function.  Instead of wondering what we could add to our products, we look at what we could eliminate to keep only the essentials: the natural active ingredients. We focus on what defines a great product. Our formulas are made to be understood, they are simple, short and well studied.

    If you want to know more about the function of the ingredients we use you can read it here . And if you want to know more about the ingredients that we do not use in our formulas, you can read it here.


    If you are a cashmere and wool lover, it is important that you know how to wash this type of delicate clothing so that it always looks impeccable and lasts much longer. Read more


    Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible with our packaging, so we recommend that, if you have purchased any of our soaps in a glass bottle in the past and want to purchase one again, you do so by choosing our eco refills.


    • Hand packaged in glass bottle or eco-refill in Kraft.
    • Shipping in recycled cardboard box.
    • Hand labeling with paper tags.
    • Complimentary samples in each shipment.
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    Laundry soap for silk, wool and down with organic lavender Nº13


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