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The art of greenwashing and the truth about soaps

El arte del lavado ecológico y la verdad sobre los jabones

Ecological washing: taking care of your clothes and the environment.

Can you go one step further after buying ecological clothing?

When we choose sustainable clothing, it is also essential to take care of it throughout its useful life to minimize its environmental impact, with washing being one of the most critical aspects of its life cycle. Therefore, it is essential to understand certain tips for washing products and explore more sustainable consumption alternatives.

Soap or detergent?

Today, almost any laundry product is labeled "soap," but there is an important difference between soap and detergent, whether they are in powder or liquid form. Soap, an ancient cleaning agent, is mainly composed of natural ingredients such as oils or fats, while detergents are chemical compounds. It is crucial to understand the consequences of using these chemical ingredients at a time when we face growing environmental problems. reasons why all our soaps are real soaps.

Why does soap work?

Soap has the ability to remove grease due to its molecular structure. The lipophilic part of the soap binds to fat, while the hydrophilic part binds to water, allowing the fat to disperse into the water and be removed. Being also totally biodegradable.

What is saponification?

Saponification is the chemical process by which soaps are produced from vegetable oils. This process involves treating vegetable oils with a strong base such as soda or potash, resulting in the formation of soap and glycerin. Furthermore, we carry out our saponification process by hand cold so as not to alter the active ingredients of our organic olive oil.

Soap-free soaps?

The presence of soda or potash in the composition of soap does not make it dangerous or "unnatural." It is an essential component in the traditional soap formula, and after the chemical reaction, soda is no longer present in the final soap. Soaps that claim to be soda-free are often made with solid detergents or other ingredients, so it's important to analyze their composition.

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