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Tips to have a dream bedding

Consejos para tener una ropa de cama de ensueño Home Healthy Home

Tips to maintain a dream bed: natural secrets to care for your bedding

There is nothing better than lying in a freshly made bed. Spring cleaning is also the perfect time to take care of all the clothes on your bed.

At Home Healthy Home we help you maintain your bed with natural, simple and effective products, good for your health, your home and respectful of the environment. The power of our Oxygen Booster No. 4 with its deodorizing, disinfecting and whitening action combined with our laundry soap with organic lavender, will make your bed like new and ready for a restful sleep.

Our tips for maintaining your bedding

Clean your duvet and pillows

Pillows and duvets are very conducive to the proliferation of mites and bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them frequently and the good news is that you can do it at home, guided by the manufacturer's instructions and following our instructions: How to wash your duvet at home without damaging it.

Clean and vacuum the mattress and box spring.

We recommend vacuuming and cleaning your mattress once a month. This way you can eliminate most of the particles, dust and mites lodged on its surface. Start by vacuuming your mattress. Then dilute 30 gr. of Oxygen Booster Nº4 in half a liter of water and spray on top of the mattress. Rub with a sponge. In case of stains, you can sprinkle the Oxygen Booster directly on the stain and rub. Let it act for 30 minutes and vacuum again.

Flip the mattress.

To keep your mattress in good condition, we recommend turning it four times a year, for example, at each change of season. You will be much more comfortable and you will increase its useful life.

Wash the sheets.

Washing sheets at 60ºC is ideal for eliminating dust mites and other bacteria. For soft and bright bedding, we recommend using our laundry soap No. 11 , if they are made of cotton, or our laundry soap No. 13, if they are made of silk or linen. It will also leave a light touch of Lavender, ideal for fresh sheets and for falling asleep.

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