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Uses and tips for our Universal Cleaner No. 410

Limpiador natural home healthy home

Our Universal Cleaner No. 410 is a natural multipurpose cleaner based on vegetable and mineral raw materials. It is intended for the maintenance of any surface. With degreasing and deodorant properties, eliminating stains, both inside the house and outside. Depending on the use, it can be used diluted or undiluted.

Our Universal Cleaner No. 410 is an all-in-one cleaner, essential for easy maintenance in your home, garden and car. It can be used on all surfaces and is absolutely safe for health, since it is completely natural. Our Universal Multi-Purpose Cleaner combines the properties of various cleaning products and, therefore, will allow you to reduce the amount of supposedly specific, sometimes unnecessary and often toxic products for your home.

The advantages of a natural multipurpose detergent

Formulated in Spain by our artisans, the Home Healthy Home multipurpose cleaner satisfies all the cleaning needs of our home, respecting our health and our planet:

Versatile, our No. 410 All-Purpose Natural Cleaner is effective at treating dirt and stains on everything from the car to the kitchen. Natural, there is no risk when cleaning children's rooms, their toys or any object or utensil in contact with food such as ovens, stoves, etc.

In the kitchen: Our Universal Cleaner No. 410 can be used undiluted to remove grease from ovens, hobs or even deep fryers. Diluted, it is suitable for cleaning tiled surfaces, countertops, sinks, microwaves, etc.

In the bathroom it is used diluted on furniture, enamels, sinks and toilet brushes.

In other areas of the house , you can use our Universal Cleaner No. 410, respecting the dilution measures that we have detailed, for cleaning and maintaining wooden floors, ceramics, fabrics and carpets, etc.

In the garden , its use is very effective for cleaning bicycles, toys and swings, outdoor PVC furniture and, undiluted, on very dirty equipment such as lawnmowers, stairs, greenhouses, etc.

For the maintenance of your car , our Universal Cleaner Nº 410 is also recommended to clean the bodywork, dashboard and seats, and even the wheels and license plate.

How to use your ecological multipurpose cleaner?

Due to its highly concentrated formula, the action of our Universal Cleaner No. 410  Undiluted may not be suitable on some more delicate surfaces. We recommend you do a test in an inconspicuous place.

Diluted or undiluted, you just have to apply the cleaner to the area to be cleaned and rub with a cloth, sponge or brush depending on the state of dirt. Being a natural product, it is fully compatible with microfiber fabrics. Once the surface is clean, a simple rinse with water is sufficient. In case of extreme dirt you can let the cleaner act for a few minutes.

In addition, it should be noted that our Universal Cleaner No. 410 is highly recommended for malodorous stains, thanks to its deodorant action and its light lemon aroma provided by the essential oil of lemongrass, from organic farming.

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