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The best natural plants in your home

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Choose the best plant for each corner of your house: a touch of nature for each space.

A little bit of nature can transform a room, and a great way to do this is by incorporating plants into your home. Not all plants are suitable for indoors, and each plant has specific needs. Obtaining prior information will help you select the perfect plant for each corner of your home, whether you are looking for specific benefits or minimal care. Also, keep in mind that having plants at home has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, improve memory retention, and increase productivity levels.

Plants for the bedroom: renew your rest space

Bedrooms are spaces meant to recharge, and plants can contribute to this relaxing atmosphere. Opt for Peace Lilys, Sansevieria (known as "Snake Plant") or English Ivy. These plants purify the air, produce oxygen at night, and require little care, making them ideal choices for the bedroom.

Plants for the living room: illuminate your living space

Designing a living room can be a challenge, but adding a touch of green can brighten the space. Consider plants like Kentia, rubber plant, or fishtail palm. These plants require weekly watering, are mess-free, and offer a variety of sizes to fit your style and space.

Plants for the office: elegant green for your workspace

In the office, it is common to neglect plants due to busy schedules. Opt for plants such as Cactus or Dracaena cent, which thrive in neglected environments. Not only do these plants add a stylish touch to your desk, but they are also hardy and can survive in challenging conditions.

Plants for the kitchen: practical and decorative green

The kitchen is an active place, and choosing the right plant can make all the difference. Basil is versatile and perfect for those who enjoy cooking. The Aluminum plant (Pilea Cadierei), a hanging option, saves counter space. Additionally, aloe vera, known as the "plant of immortality," is not only easy to care for, but can also provide relief from kitchen burns.

With these suggestions, you can add a touch of nature to every corner of your home, improving aesthetics and promoting a healthy environment.

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