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Maria Giner

María Giner y Home Healthy Home

María Giner: " I try not to put anything on my skin that I can't eat "

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with María Giner, founder of Pilates Mente. A project that seeks the balance between body and mind from a holistic and healthy approach through disciplines such as Pilates , Yoga and Meditation .

Maria is especially focused on helping women throughout their lives, and will soon be organizing an online workshop for women over 40. In this workshop, you will approach menopause in a positive way and share tips on nutrition , exercise , healthy habits and stress management , among other relevant topics. Below, we share our inspiring conversation with María Giner.

How did the idea of ​​creating Pilates Mente come about and what was your main motivation for founding this project?

Pilates Mente arises from my extensive experience in the field of exercise and wellness . I always had a lot of energy , which led me to explore different sports . I fell in love with Pilates for its focus on posture and movement of the body combined with breathing and other elements like yoga , functional training , aerobics , mindfulness , and nutrition to improve overall health . Additionally, I focus on stress management , healthy habits , sources of energy , and mental and emotional care . The Pilates Mind logo contains a heart , as emotions are vital to our overall health. Our emotional state affects the way we exercise, train and work. My main motivation is to help people take care of themselves and feel better by sharing my experiences and giving them the tools to live a happier and healthier life.

How do awareness, technique, posture, breathing and emotions influence the holistic approach to Pilates Mind?

In my opinion , mindfulness training is more empowering than other types of exercise, although other forms are also enjoyed. By training consciously, greater concentration is achieved and human capacities are activated, strengthening neuromuscular circuits . Neuroscience highlights the importance of breathing and posture to improve our back, body, brain and cognitive abilities.

It is essential to pay attention to posture and technique when exercising, avoiding injuries and developing healthy habits. Emotion should also be considered in training, adapting it according to the emotional state.

In PilatesMente , the logo includes a heart, highlighting the importance of emotions . Evolution focuses not only on physical improvement, but also on improvement as a human being.


How important is the balance between work, personal life and health in the philosophy of Pilates Mente?

I believe our lives are inseparable in every way, connecting work, home, and our personal lives. Personal life is crucial in Pilates Mente , where I accompany my students in their physical and personal evolution. Consciously working with your body, breath, and posture can lead to major changes in your life and relationships.

I invite my students to reflect on their current situation, treat themselves with compassion , and be realistic about their goals. I like my training to be enjoyable, using games, humor and fostering close relationships between those involved.

In short, everything is interconnected . If you don't enjoy your personal life or work, it will affect your energy and health. In the same way, not taking care of yourself impacts your personal and professional life. As I often say, "have a body that allows you to live the life you want to live" , since life includes exercise, work and personal life.


How do you manage to combine all the disciplines: Pilates, Functional Training, Yoga, Meditation and barefoot work in your classes and programs?

Pilates Mente offers the necessary resources to maintain balance , achieve goals and feel better at any stage of life. During personal training , the current state of the individual is evaluated considering aspects such as diet, sleep, stress, injuries and relevant medical reports. Depending on specific needs, training focuses on strength , flexibility , or stress reduction , using tools such as exercise, meditation, and yoga. Online training is provided and everyday items are used to exercise at home. For groups, a program is offered with weekly training , yoga and meditation , optional nutrition talks and myofascial release workshops. In addition, follow-up chats and missions are included to keep you on the right track.

Next May 14th you are organizing a workshop for women over 40. Why have you decided to create this workshop?

Aimed at women over 40 years of age , this workshop seeks to inspire them to experience menopause in the best possible way, free of stereotypes and popular ideas. Menopause does not imply imbalance, but a phase of natural adjustment . Experiencing the changes of menopause in a healthy way, with energy and without being overweight or sick, allows you to enjoy this stage to the fullest. Menopause can be an opportunity to take better care of yourself and lay the foundation for the rest of your life. The workshop is relevant before, during and after the menopause . Aspects such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, family and personal relationships , relationship with yourself and physiological understanding of what happens in your body are addressed . This workshop is significant since menopause is often seen as something distant or over, and it is necessary to face it in an integral and conscious way .

What are the main difficulties faced by women over 40 and how does Pilates Mente address these challenges?

Today, for women who work and have children, taking care of themselves can seem like a utopia. As the founder of Pilates Mente and a Pilates and Yoga teacher , I want to make self-care more accessible to all women who really want to do it.

It is crucial to connect with the motivation to take care of yourself, keep it present and overcome difficult days. No need for an expensive gym or long workouts, you can opt for micro-workouts every two hours or the "10 for 2 Workouts" , which consist of a 10-minute video that you can repeat for a 20-minute total workout.

I offer small group sessions at home with Mente Pilates on Mondays and Yoga and Meditation on Wednesdays. Also, it is important to pay attention to posture , eat right and walk as much as possible.

The professionals are also available to help you in the management, organization and planning of your personal care. Sometimes it's worth taking half an hour to take care of yourself instead of watching Netflix or spending time on social media. The benefit this brings is well worth it.

What advice would you give to women who are about to enter menopause to face this change in the best possible way?

For women like me who are about to enter menopause , my recommendation is to be aware that you are experiencing a change in your body. This process is not sudden, but the result of a year with intermittent hormones. It is important to take care of yourself to compensate for the lack of hormonal protection .

If they are already taking care of their health, they can address aspects that are less attended to. Nutrition is very important, but for me, physical exercise and stress management are the most important aspects. It is necessary not to lack adequate physical activity.

I encourage you to sign up for an activity that you like, since the best exercise is the one that is done with pleasure. It is best to sign up for something that appeals to you, whether with a friend, a family member or alone. Take time to train and take care of yourself .

As for the tools, I provide some through my social networks, but there are many professionals who can help. A consultation with a professional can help you figure out how to take better care of yourself. I invite you to take advantage of this wonderful moment in your lives to get to know yourself better and enjoy the half of your life that you still have left .

How can Pilates Mente help regulate stress and manage difficult life moments?

Pilates Mente is based on a mindful training approach that incorporates play , mindfulness , meditation , yoga movements , and weight-bearing strength training . This approach helps you become aware of your body , breathing and posture , which reduces stress levels and the intensity with which you face certain vital moments. Also, the process begins with improving your breathing , oxygenation , and a wide range of physical and mental abilities , including self-esteem . Physical exercise and , in particular, the Pilates Mente method is an excellent way to manage difficult life moments.

What advice do you have for women who have little time to devote to exercise and self-care, but want to improve their well-being?

If you are a woman who wants to take care of yourself but you don't have much time, there is a fundamental tool that can help you: turn your day-to-day into a gym . For example, instead of taking the escalator in the subway, take the stairs instead . If you can, park a little further away or get off a stop early to actively walk around and feel your body. Even if you have to go upstairs to talk to a coworker, take the stairs and move instead of sending an email. Try to get out of your chair as much as you can during the day and drink enough water to force yourself to go to the bathroom and get up. On my social networks, I also propose micro-workouts that are exercises to be done several times a day without the need to go to the gym or use special equipment. You can do them in a 10-minute video and repeat them to reach a total exercise time of 20 minutes a day or at least half an hour three times a week.

After a month of regular exercise , your body will thank you and you will see the results. If you can, integrate through play and physical activity with your children , which will also motivate you to keep moving. If you need help getting started, there are always professionals who can help you . In short, you can exercise and take care of your body anytime, anywhere, so there are no excuses not to start .


What is your opinion about the importance of using natural and organic products in daily life and how this relates to the philosophy of PilatesMentes and Home Healthy Home?

For several years now , I have become aware of what enters my body, not only through what I eat, but also through what I apply to my skin, what I read and what I listen to. I look for natural and ecological products that do not contain harmful chemicals for the environment. I think it is important to avoid using chemical products in the home, such as pesticides that can be inhaled or substances that are aggressive for clothing. Even when washing our underwear, we must be careful with the detergents we use. For the care of our body, I try to always use natural soaps and oils , such as olive and coconut oil, which I have in the kitchen and in the bathroom. It is essential to take care of our skin using products that are not toxic or aggressive to our health.

What are your favorite Home Healthy Home products and why?

My favorite Home Healthy Home products are 3. The first is the olive oil handwashing tablet . I love it because it is the most natural and the simplest. And it also reminds me of my childhood.
Then there is this stain remover that is magical and that really is the Castile soap of a lifetime. It works great for me, because I have a child.
Then I really like soap No. 14 to wash sports clothes.
It is a soap that I love because it really takes care of my technical clothing that has a lot of elastic fabric. I love its citrus smell and its texture.

What message do you think Home Healthy Home and Pilates Mente can convey together to their clients and students in terms of well-being and sustainability?

To feel good about yourself, I think it's important to feel good about your environment and that it be as natural as possible. We are designed for a natural environment , not for a life surrounded by chemicals and harmful substances, preservatives, pesticides. So our body is infinitely grateful that we take care of it, with everything that can be natural and also sustainable , that they take care of our environment.
From anywhere, from home, in the car, with what you wear, with what you eat, with what you breathe. Our body will work much better if we take care of it this way. I am convinced.

Where and how can our readers join Pilates Mente or participate in the online workshop for women over 40 that you are organizing?

To sign up for the workshop for women over 40 and a healthy menopause , you can directly access the form on my Instagram profile @maria_giner_ . At the end there is a URL with the direct link . Also in my stories I usually put it and you have a video on the first row of my wall that tells you how to do it .

Before we say goodbye, is there any inspirational advice or message you'd like to share with our readers who are looking to improve their health and well-being?

A message that can inspire you to take care of yourself: first, look in the mirror . Observe yourself, talk to yourself and connect with that person that you are, who deserves to be well, to be happy, to have health and energy. See if you're already taking care of yourself, and if you're not, think realistically: how can you do it? From there, from that connection with the love for yourself , with the love that you have for yourself, you deserve that care. So start organizing to see how you can do it. There are lots of ways to do it. It's not complicated, it's just getting down to work . And if you need help, we can have a consultation and I'll help you get on the right track, at least at first. - Pilates Minds - Balance between Body and Mind

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