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María Franco: Passion, Nature and Paprika Fest

Los Confites y Home Healthy Home

From Home Healthy Home, we are very excited to participate for the first time in the Paprika Fest Pop'Up.

Today, we have the privilege of having coffee with María Franco. A passionate and entrepreneurial woman who has made her dream come true of creating Los Confites , an organic farm near Cáceres. With her dedication and commitment to healthy eating, María has become a reference both in our country and abroad. In addition, his work in the " Lo que de Verdad Importa" (LQDVI ) foundation has inspired young people through stories of improvement. We are delighted to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of Los Confites and discover all the details of the exciting Pimentón Fest event.

Hello Maria! It's a pleasure talking to you. We would love to learn more about Los Confites and everything it offers. Could you tell us a little about this wonderful family project, why and how the idea of ​​creating an organic farm came about?

The idea arose after an illness, as a result of which I started eating organic. We were looking for a place to disconnect and rest and we ended up starting it because we needed to share this little paradise with others and spread this new philosophy of life.

In addition to being an organic farm, at Los Confites you offer many other activities. Tell us a little more about them and how they complement the farm's philosophy.

Los Confites is much more than a Farm. It is a family project to publicize the benefits of healthy living , contact with the countryside and healthy eating. It is also a place to celebrate.
We open doors on weekends to offer different experiences and alternatives and we also offer our space for private or company events.

Now, let's talk about the event that is on everyone's lips: the Pimentón Fest. We are curious to know how the idea for this festival came about and what you can tell us about it. What is your main objective and what kind of experiences will attendees be able to find?

EL PIMENTÓN FEST is the best excuse to celebrate and spend a day in the countryside. It will take place next Saturday, September 9 .
We will have many alternatives: Day plan (from 11 AM TO 8 PM) Visit to the Pop Up with stalls of antique shops, crafts, beauty, fashion, health... and also to the Gourmet Expo and Painting and Photography Gallery.
You can also eat at the different gastronomic stalls. At night (starting at 9) the BAND Concert of CLARENCE BAKKER, soloist of the PLAYING FOR CHANGE Group, will begin.
Imagine with GREDOS as a backdrop and under a sky of stars, what better plan could there be?
During the day admission is free and at night, tickets are already on sale at SeeTickets .

From Home Healthy Home, we are very excited to participate for the first time in the Paprika Fest Pop'Up. Could you share more details about the brands that will participate in this event? What type of products and services can we find in the Pop'Up?

We have confirmation from many brands of Decoration, Flowers, Fashion, Gastronomy, Beauty... It is impossible to name them all but I assure you that we have made a very varied and exciting selection.
We are also working on Workshops and experiences that we can offer during the day.

In addition to the Pop'Up, the Pimentón Fest will feature a concert at night. Could you tell us a little more about this musical show and how it fits into the overall experience of the festival?

The musical part is very important. We are lucky that the Soloist @clarencebekkerband of the PLAYING FOR CHANGE World Movement will travel to be with his band in a concert that we will always remember.

We are sure that the Pimentón Fest will be an unforgettable event. For our readers interested in attending, where can they get more information and purchase tickets? Are there any special requirements or considerations that attendees should take into account?

All the information is at
Our recommendation is that those who want to take the opportunity to spend the Weekend in La Vera, go on vacation with the accommodation reserved. We are in an area with a lot of hotel demand and September is a wonderful month.

María Franco is a clear example of how entrepreneurship can occur at any stage of life. His passion for nature and healthy eating is reflected in Los Confites , a project that seeks to value what the earth offers us and share it with all those who visit this wonderful place. Don't forget to reserve September 9 on your calendar for the Pimentón Fest and enjoy an unforgettable day at Los Confites farm! See you there!

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