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Elena Llorens

el lino de Delenzo y Home Healthy Home

Elena Llorens: the power of linen at dE.LENZO

Today we speak with Elena Llorens, founder of dE.LENZO , a Spanish home linen brand made exclusively with washed linen. In this interview, Elena tells us about the creation of dE.LENZO , the importance of natural fibers and her experience working with Home Healthy Home. In addition, she shares her recommendations for the care of linen garments and how our products contribute to maintaining the quality and durability of her pieces.

How did the idea to create dE.LENZO come about and why did you decide to focus on washed linen?

Two years had passed since I closed the company to which I had dedicated twenty-five years of my life and I had to consider what to do at a professional level from that moment on. I am very enterprising, a fighter and a worker, so I considered two business options that I started at the same time to see which of the two had the least obstacles. One of them was related to my previous profession and the other, dE.LENZO, to my passion for the house, decoration and, above all, bedding. I came up with the idea after not being able to find a black linen set in Spain more than five years ago, and since then dE.LENZO has been growing day by day, starting completely from scratch.

Why do you think it is important to work with natural fibers and commit to ecological and sustainable production?

There is no discussion about natural fibers. I can only talk to you, professionally, about linen. I have no words to express what this fiber transmits to me. I adore it in all its versions: raw, the wadding for quilt fillings, in the piece with its cozy color and in the finished product because it is unique. It has so much personality that if you dress a mattress in an empty room with a complete linen set, you won't need anything else... I invite you to try it. It really cares for the skin, promotes sleep, is clean, does not age and conveys a feeling of earth. Did you know that animals love it? If you put a linen sheet and a cotton sheet near a dog, for example, you will see where it decides to sleep... hahaha. Even babies find it helps to prolong sleep. It is a very special fiber.

Regarding the second part of your question, if you allow me, I will reserve the answer because the truly ecological and sustainable thing would be to consume local products, and that is not my case. My production is incredibly sustainable, with no water consumption and almost no energy consumption, but inevitably transportation is my main ally for suppliers and customers, and this, as we all know, does not contribute to ecology or sustainability.

How have you seen the textile industry evolve in terms of sustainability and how do you think dE.LENZO can contribute to promoting positive change?

I don't think the textile industry is evolving in terms of sustainability, in fact, I think it is regressing. When I was a teenager, I bought clothes twice a year, and now it is said that 150 billion items of clothing are consumed a year, and that 50% of the clothes made by fast fashion chains such as H&M, Zara, etc., end up in the garbage or is incinerated. dE.LENZO contributes its grain of sand in a more significant way by using nearby suppliers. I would never buy fabrics in China or India. I only work with European suppliers and I get most of my accessories "just around the corner".

How do you choose the colors and designs for each dE.LENZO collection?

Oh my goodness...hahaha! Every day I invent new things to do and I want to have the entire possible range of colors. Plus, since I like them all for myself, I love them all. That's why at dE.LENZO there is such a variety of colors. My suppliers, who are a fundamental part of my business, already know me, and together we look for special colors in small lengths to have variety, even if it is ephemeral.

What do you like most about weaving linen and how would you describe it? What are the advantages of linen?

I will simply list the properties of my 100% linens, and I say "my" because there are those who say "linen" when in reality it only has 20% presence, even if it is mixed with polyester. Go figure! dE.LENZO linens do not need to be ironed, they dry in half the time of any other fabric, they always smell good, they clothe you and keep you cool or warm, they are flexible, they can be washed at high temperatures and they are antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic. Additionally, if you choose Natural linen, it will be free of dyes.

What has the experience been like working with Home Healthy Home and why did you select them to care for your linen garments?

Working with the Home Healthy Home brand is a real pleasure. The care and care they put into all their products and everything they do is palpable from the beginning to the end, from the way they communicate with you to the packaging of the order. It's a delight. I am passionate about sharing everything I like, the discoveries I make about things that are really worthwhile, and from dE.LENZO I have the opportunity to collaborate with other brands with which I feel comfortable and identified, and Home Healthy Home is one of them. I wash, dry and wring all the linens we make, and I spent a week testing several of their laundry soaps to see the effect they had on the linen. The experience was surprising, and I didn't hesitate for a moment.

How do Home Healthy Home products fit into the dE.LENZO philosophy?

Everything fits: the aroma, the texture, the presentation, the image... everything fits! The natural smell of all their products is the perfect match for linen. What could be more natural than washing a natural fiber with a soap made from olive oil and lavender essential oil (Soap #13)? Or scent your pillows with lavender accords and a pink floral touch (pillow perfume n°220).

What are your recommendations to properly care for linen garments and keep them in good condition?

I can only talk about the garments made with my linens. I know them like the back of my hand... I do all kinds of tricks on them and I would tell you: Do whatever you want with them, except iron them. You will destroy the natural fiber, making it stiff and wrinkled. Do not use soaps with optical brighteners, they will stain the linen. And of course, don't use bleach. I would recommend that you wash them widely, without squeezing them in a washing machine about to explode.

How do you think Home Healthy Home products can help maintain and extend the life of linen garments?

Home Healthy Home products help wash your household linens with maximum delicacy, softening them naturally thanks to their formulation with organic virgin olive oil soap. This key ingredient not only softens, but also nourishes and protects fibers, keeps colors vibrant and effectively removes dirt and bacteria. Plus, the organic lavender essential oil fragrance adds a long-lasting fresh touch to your linen garments.

What role do you think proper cleaning and care plays in the durability and quality of linen garments?

Although dE.LENZO bed linens have the antimicrobial certificate, we must not forget that the cleanliness and hygiene of the bedding is essential; If you are one of those people who likes extreme hygiene, you can wash your linen sheets or towels with Home Healthy Home soap for sports clothing. Soap No. 14, without any problem.

How do you hope dE.LENZO will evolve in the future and what are your plans for the brand?

I continue trying to evolve as I thought on the first day; I want to be the reference, in Spain, for clothing and home textiles made of 100% washed linen.

What has been the most rewarding part of your experience founding and directing dE.LENZO so far?

The growth of the brand. The creativity of every day; always inventing even if it is already invented...and my photos; I enter my website and it fills me with pride. I personally do the design and almost all the internal work of the website and each photo of each product is taken by me and when I look at them, they fill me with joy.

Direct I direct little; I tell my tailors that I am the “do-it-all guy”…maybe that's what directing is…?

Elena Llorens - Founder of dE.LENZO

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