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Exploring the creative universe of wedding dresses: a coffee with Cristina, owner and creative director of Navascués

Navascues trajes de novia artesanales

Today, we have immersed ourselves in the world of wedding dresses, accompanied by the designer Cristina, owner and creative director of Navascués, during a relaxed coffee. This exclusive interview has given us the privilege of delving into the life of a creator whose works not only capture eternal beauty, but also reflect the uniqueness of each bride. With a career full of passion for sewing and an unwavering commitment to details, Cristina has taken us by the hand through her creative universe, sharing the challenges, inspirations and secrets that give life to her spectacular wedding dresses.

Diving into the art of wedding dresses with Cristina, creative director of Navascués

Let's start with a look at your fascinating career. Could you share with us how you entered the world of creating handmade wedding dresses? Is there any family influence on this choice?

My foray into making wedding dresses was rather fortuitous and casual. In a period of my life marked by a car accident that led me to rely on crutches for a few years, I felt the need to find an activity that could entertain me. My fascination with sewing became my creative refuge. I started gradually, initially experimenting with decorative elements and later venturing into creating a collection of  jackets quilted with Provençal fabrics. My experience gradually grew until, unexpectedly, I was commissioned to design and make a wedding dress. Imagine the surprise and excitement! This assignment not only marked my first big challenge, but also the beginning of an exciting story in the world of fashion.

What distinguishes your suits as "luxury" and what is the reason behind your choice for the artisanal approach in your work?

From the beginning, I have been clear that excellence in sewing is the fundamental distinguishing factor. A wedding dress is much more than a garment; It is a delicate, handmade and, above all, unique piece. My constant goal is to make sure that the person who will wear it falls completely in love with that creation, which represents not only hundreds of hours of work, but also the effort of a talented team who, with skill and dedication, bring that dream to life with every stitch.

Could you describe the creative process you follow to design and make a handmade luxury dress?

Before diving into the design and construction, the most important thing is to thoroughly understand the personality of the woman who will wear the creation. This step is essential. Although some  Women come in with a preconceived idea, experience has taught me the importance of reading between the lines, listening carefully and, as the slow design and tailoring process progresses, discovering more about their personality. On many occasions, the final result does not coincide with the initial idea, but rather results in a dress that faithfully reflects the essence and unique style of the person who will wear it.

What are the challenges you face when working on creating a custom luxury dress?

The artisanal process implies unpredictability in terms of the time it will take to finish a dress; Hands do not have the same speed as machines, and consistency in the pace of work is not constant. Furthermore, one of the most significant challenges is the fabrics. Sometimes, I come across materials that complicate processing, since their behavior is uncertain, and I don't even know how they will react to the smallest detail, such as a simple ironing. This uncertainty adds an exciting, yet challenging component to the creative process .

What does a woman look for in your creations and what aspects does she value most?

In my experience of over 40 years in sewing, I truly believe that women seek exclusivity that suits their unique personality. Throughout my career, I have managed to make each dress completely different; It can be customized with an overdress, a unique sleeve, a distinctive neckline, and even experiment with the combination of fabrics that are the latest trend in bridal fashion. For them, the possibility of expressing themselves individually through an exclusive dress is what they value most significantly.

Could you share any memorable anecdotes or experiences related to any of your creations?

Thousands of stories have accumulated over the years, but what many of my clients especially value is our discretion and confidentiality. Although I cannot reveal their identities, I can tell you anecdotes about creations inspired by the elegance of Katharine Hepburn, others that captured the essence of the "My Fair Lady" ball costumes, and even some influenced by the musical "The Lion King." A challenge? Absolutely! Each of these experiences has been unique and challenging in a wonderful way.

What care do you recommend to your clients to prolong the life of their dresses?

The key is in pampering, pampering and more pampering. Wedding dresses, given the diversity of fabrics we use, can be complicated to clean. Not all dry cleaners are the same, so we always suggest opting for highly specialized and trustworthy establishments, with staff who have a clear idea of ​​the type of dress you have in hand.
In the case of other garments, such as silk shirts, we recommend the use of special products, preferably soft and natural. In this sense, we have discovered Home Healthy Home, specifically Nº13 designed for delicate fabrics, which has turned out to be an invaluable find.
For baptismal skirts, we recommend a natural laundry soap, taking into account that it is in contact with the baby. No. 12 is perfect, since it not only cleans but, as it lacks perfume, it protects the baby's skin and prevents possible allergies. In addition, the Oxygen Booster Nº04 It is essential to remove stains and return the original white. Now you will understand why I emphasize pampering. I want my designs to last a lifetime, and taking careful care of them is the only solution.

Do you think that artisanal manufacturing receives the recognition it deserves today?

When I began my career, the era of industrially tailored suits predominated, which made it difficult to demonstrate the considerable effort and time invested in each dress, as well as the importance of having a dedicated team. In my case, I could not carry out this process without the fundamental support of my team; Your hands are essential. A revealing fact is that, for many of the wedding dresses that leave our workshop, we spend an average of 150 hours. Although they are not continuous hours, the different processes extend over a period of three to six months.
The process begins with the design, followed by the definition of the volume and fabrics, until the pattern maker shapes the pattern. Once defined, a seamstress begins assembly to begin the various tests with the client. It should be noted that approximately six people participate in the making of each suit.
Nowadays, fortunately, not only is the value of artisanal manufacturing beginning to be recognized, but administrations are also becoming aware of the importance of protecting and supporting craftsmanship. This recognition is not simply a fad; It is a reflection of the appreciation of those who seek excellence and value what we consider an art.

What is your vision for the future of your brand and your focus on artisanal luxury fashion?

The beauty of craftsmanship lies in its constant evolution; you never know everything. Every day, I discover new techniques, and the reality is that not everything has been invented. Each fabric has its own reaction and achieving the desired volume involves exploring different materials. I have always compared each creation to a long-distance race, where you must start from scratch each time.
This perspective leads me to believe that the future is increasingly promising. The new generations are learning to value craftsmanship and everything that it entails. This makes me very happy. See how young people come to my workshop, some of them daughters or granddaughters of former clients, in search of what I have pursued for more than 40 years: the passion for excellence.

Thank you Cristina, for sharing with us not only your talent, but also your vision and dedication. For your ability to fuse timeless elegance with meticulous craftsmanship and we are so grateful for the opportunity to explore the creative universe you have forged with passion and mastery. We sincerely wish you the best of luck in your new theatrical project, which we are sure will be a success. Again, thank you for sharing your art and your story with us.

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