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How to clean your house and not give up trying

Cómo limpiar tu casa y no desfallecer en el intento

Keep your home spotless with these 10 practical tips

Keeping your home clean and tidy can be a challenge, especially when time and energy are limited. However, with a little planning and a few effective tricks, it is possible to keep your home in pristine condition without needing to spend endless hours cleaning. Here are 10 practical tips to achieve it

1. Simplify your space

Clear your home of unnecessary objects and accumulations of things you don't use. The less you have, the less you will have to clean and organize. Consider donating or selling items you no longer need and make sure each item has a designated place.

2. Make the bed daily

Making your bed every morning can make a big difference in the perception of order in your home. Plus, seeing a well-made bed can motivate you to keep the rest of the room tidy. This simple act can set the tone for an organized and productive day.

3. Ventilate regularly

Renew the air in your home by opening the windows regularly. Ten minutes of daily ventilation can make a big difference in air quality and the perception of cleanliness. Plus, it allows natural light to come in, making the space feel fresher and more inviting.

4. Pick up the clothes

Avoid leaving mountains of dirty or clean clothes around the house. Wash, dry and put away clothes as soon as possible to maintain a tidy and cozy environment. Additionally, consider implementing a laundry sorting system to make the laundry process easier.

5. Keep the refrigerator spotless

A clean and organized refrigerator is essential for a tidy and healthy home. Get rid of expired foods and organize products so they are easily accessible. Place a piece of paper in the drawers to facilitate cleaning and maintain food freshness.

6. Wash the dishes after each meal

Nothing can ruin the feeling of order in the house like a sink full of dirty dishes. Wash the dishes after each meal to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. This will prevent dishes from piling up and make the task much more manageable.

7. Sweep, mop or vacuum the floor regularly

Don't wait for dirt to accumulate before cleaning the floor. Do this regularly to avoid the effort of cleaning large amounts of dust and dirt later. Also, consider using cleaning products that are safe for your floors and that help keep them in good condition.

8. Face the worst first

If you don't like cleaning, start with the tasks that cost you the most. Addressing the most problematic areas will help you feel more motivated and give you momentum to move forward with the rest of the tasks. This way, once the most difficult tasks are completed, the rest of the cleaning process will be more bearable.

9. Find systems that work for you

Experiment with different cleaning routines and systems until you find the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. There is no one right way to keep a clean and tidy home. Find what works best for you and your family, and adapt your routine accordingly.

10. The worst, first

If you don't like cleaning, start with what costs you the most. It may be because of the largest room or the one that gives you the most laziness. Thus, once you have it ready, the rest will become more bearable or will cost you less to return to at another time. While you clean, tidy up. Take everything to its place and do not put it back on the table or shelf where it was if it is not its place.

With these simple tips, you can keep your home spotless without feeling like you're sacrificing all your time and energy on cleaning. Incorporate these habits into your daily routine and enjoy a clean and cozy home without killing yourself trying.

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