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How can I prevent my wool sweaters from forming pills?

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In winter, wool sweaters are our best allies to combat the cold. However, they can often fuzz, especially when you wear them for the first time. Don't worry! Find out how to remove these balls of wool with our tips and tricks.

Why does your wool sweater shed fluff?
Before you remove lint, it's important to understand why it forms. Wool fibers tend to tangle and form balls, which become fluff when rubbed with other materials such as bags, coats, T-shirts, etc. It is a completely normal phenomenon due to rubbing and wear

Properly clean your wool sweater to avoid lint.
To avoid the formation of lint, it is important to properly clean your jumper. It is best to opt for cleaning by hand, in cold water and with a natural soap. If you opt for the washing machine, bet on a gentle cycle or on the special wool and cashmere program of the washing machine, never at more than 30ºC. Be careful not to put too much clothing in the washing machine, as it will expose your jersey to rubbing.
We advise you to use our laundry soap no. 13 for wool and silk. Formulated with organic olive oil and cold saponified, it nourishes the fibers and helps to undo the knots present in the fibers of your clothes.

Forget the dryer

Once your jersey is clean, do not put it in the dryer. Air drying and flat on a towel is the best solution to avoid fiber breakage.

Discover more tips to clean your wool and cashmere jumpers on our blog

Put your wool sweater in the freezer
Have you heard of the trick of putting your wool sweater in the freezer? It can work, but we recommend removing lint by hand by gently rolling it back on itself as it appears. You can also use a wool comb or razor blade, but it takes several strokes and care not to damage the fabric. .

Using a wool comb or razor blade to get rid of pillingDoes it work?

For our part, we prefer to remove lint by hand, gently rolling it on itself, as it appears. But you can also get rid of lint on your sweater with a wool comb or razor blade. It is a more or less effective option depending on the amount of fluff, since several passes are sometimes necessary, always in the direction of the length, to eliminate all the knots. Keep in mind that your gesture must be very gentle to avoid cutting yourself or cutting your jersey. Not to mention that over time, its "bulldozer" effect damages the fibers that give volume and thickness to the fabric.

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