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Perfume campos de lavanda  natural y ecologico Home Healthy Home
Recarga de Perfume campos de lavanda  natural y ecologico Home Healthy Home

Perfume "Lavender Fields" Nº 240


Air freshener and purifying perfume for the home. Relaxing and stimulating, formulated with 6 100% pure essential oils, obtained from organic farming and rigorously chosen for their antiviral, antibacterial, aseptic and relaxing properties.

Immerse yourself in the lavender fields of Spain and purify your home, achieving a fresh and healthy environment. Its unique and fascinating aroma boosts the mood and relaxes the mind while helping to create a balancing environment for the entire family. Ideal for all rooms in your home and especially in the bedrooms to help you fall asleep. Its immediate effect will allow you to enjoy its incredible fragrance just by spraying it. Formulated and packaged by hand in Spain. Nature offers us a disinfectant and relaxing air freshener without resorting to toxic or artificial products.

Capacity: 150ml


Top: Fresh, bright and citrusy with notes of Bergamot and Lemon Risso

Heart: Wild and spicy with notes of Lavender and Sage.

Background: Cinnamon and Geranium Floral.

(100% organic essential oils)


Ambient use. Use as many times as you need. Spray through the air, as high as possible, in the room you want to purify and freshen. The essential oils used in the formula are very active and must be used in compliance with the instructions for use. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not eat.


Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible with our packaging, so we recommend that, if you have purchased any of our purifiers in the past, aluminum and you want to purchase one again, do so by choosing our "REFILLS". The sprayer is the only component made of recyclable polypropylene because there is currently no alternative in another material. Nevertheless, We continue looking for a more sustainable solution.



Alcohol - Lavandula Angustifolia Oil - Citrus Bergamia Oil - Citrus Limon Risso Oil - Pelargonium Graveolens Oil - Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Oil - Salvia officinalis Oil.

100% Organic essential oils.


  • Hand packaged in aluminum bottle with reusable spray valve.
  • Shipping in recycled cardboard box.
  • Hand labeling with paper tags.
  • Complimentary samples in each shipment.
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    We use aluminum containers to preserve all the properties of our formulas. Aluminum, in addition to protecting more than glass, is one of the materials that has the highest percentage of recyclability, reaching 95% of its use without affecting its properties and allowing it to be recycled infinite times. For these reasons, aluminum is considered an ecological and sustainable packaging.


    LAVENDER: Lavender essential oil is obtained by steam extraction from the Lavandula Hybrida plant, being one of the hybrid species that have been introduced, a cross between lavender and lavender. In numerous countries it is cultivated and collected intensively and extensively, especially in the Mediterranean basin, especially in Spain and southern France. It has antibiotic, antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Very important is its calming and sedative effect, very appropriate for cases of stress or anxiety.

    SLARIA SAGE: The Clary sage essential oil is obtained by steam extraction from Salvia sclarea, which is a herbaceous plant. This odorous aromatic plant is very common in southern European countries. Clary Sage does not contain substances toxic to the nervous system, so there is no risk of seizures when used in aromatherapy. It is very effective in the side effects of fatigue and stress.

    BERGAMOT: Bergamot essential oil is obtained by cold pressing the peel of the fruit of the Citrus Bergamia Risso, Rutaceae. Widely cultivated in Italy and Spain. Bergamot essential oil has antiseptic, analgesic, immunostimulant, vermifuge, sedative, antispasmodic, expectorant, antibacterial, soothing, deodorizing and vulnerary action. Fights insomnia, stimulates the functioning of the immune system.

    LEMON RISSO: Lemon essential oil is obtained by cold pressing the peel of Citrus Limón Risso, which is the fruit of the lemon tree. Lemon is grown throughout the Mediterranean due to the mild climate. Its nuances give our air freshener freshness and well-being.

    CINNAMON: He Cassia cinnamon essential oil is obtained by steam stripping the bark of the Cinnamomum Cassia Loureirii. It is a great natural antioxidant, antibacterial, regulator of sugar levels and to act on the heart, liver, spleen and kidney meridians.

    GERANIUM: Geranium essential oil is obtained by steam extraction from the leaves of Pelargonium Graveolens or Geranium. Among its properties is that of being a powerful antifungal and antibacterial. It helps us maintain emotional balance and improve our mood.


    "Now, more than ever, we should use essential oils in our home"

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    Perfume "Lavender Fields" Nº 240


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