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Monica Valls

Monica Valls y Home Healthy Home

The Well Co.: The path to a healthier and more sustainable life.

Have you ever wondered how wellness and healthy living can transform your life and that of others? Mónica Valls, founder of The Well Co. in Barcelona, ​​is very clear about it. For her, comprehensive wellness is not just a philosophy of life, but a way to help people improve their health and well-being in all areas. From hosting yoga retreats and rebalancing programs to nutrition workshops and cycling activities, The Well Co. is focused on promoting healthier, more sustainable living. In this interview, Monica tells us about her motivation to found The Well Co., her commitment to sustainability and holistic wellness, and her vision for the future of her company.

How did the idea of ​​founding The Well Co. come about and what sparked your interest in wellness and healthy living?

The truth is that I have always been passionate about yoga and healthy nutrition, so founding The Well Co . It was the way to “professionalize” my passions. Being able to work on something that I am passionate about is my daily motivation to keep going and see this project grow, which is the result of my passion for the well-being of people! 

What inspires you when designing and creating events focused on wellness and a healthy lifestyle?

When I think about creating an event, it is very important for me to be clear about what I want to convey and the objective I am looking for with that action. Once I have it clear, I try to find locations that are special and I try to take great care of the aesthetics (the details are what make the difference). 

How do you select the products and brands that you promote at your events?

From the beginning it was very clear to me that I wanted to surround myself with brands that were aligned with my values ​​of sustainability, respect for the environment and supporting local production. That's why I always try to create links with brands that share the same values ​​as The Well Co. 

Why did you choose Home Healthy Home as a brand of natural and sustainable cleaning products for your events and in your daily life?

My path towards a healthier life began 6 or 7 years ago with organic food and as a result, I began to be interested in more aspects of my daily life (cosmetics, consumer habits, etc.). The theme of cleaning the home has been my latest addition and since I discovered Home Healthy Home there was no turning back! I fell in love with everything about the brand: the packaging , the effectiveness of its products and its values. 

How do you think natural and sustainable products affect people's well-being?

They affect us more than we think! Everything we eat, what we apply to our skin, the cleaning products we use at home... are small daily gestures that can contribute to improving our health or just the opposite! They also have a very important impact on our planet, so I think it is very good to bring more awareness to our daily habits and try to be more sustainable. 

How do you achieve the balance between family and professional life as a mother?

Reconciliation is very difficult, I'm sorry to be so honest but I think we still have a lot to improve in this country to support working mothers! Having said that, it is true that undertaking has allowed me to have a better conciliation than when I was employed by someone else, so that is another incentive to continue with my project! 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to improve their lifestyle and well-being? How can people integrate small lifestyle changes to improve their well-being?

My advice would be to try to reduce as much as possible the daily toxins to which we are exposed. Either by choosing an organic diet, reducing the number of cosmetic products that we apply daily to our skin, or minimizing the products that we use at home. If I have learned anything with Home Healthy Home, it is that with 2-3 quality products you can clean an entire home and on top of that without toxins. Less is more! 

How do you select the instructors and experts who participate in your events?

As with brands, I always try to surround myself with people who vibrate at the same frequency and share my values. I have the privilege of being able to choose who to work with (most of the time!), so I take great care of my collaborators and try to create relationships of trust that last over time. 

How can companies get involved in the well-being and healthy lifestyle of their employees?

We already know that employees are the most important asset of any company, so taking care of their well-being should be something almost mandatory for all companies. At The Well Co. we are helping to improve the well-being of many companies through yoga, mindfulness & nutrition sessions and the results are spectacular: less absenteeism from work, a greater feeling of belonging, more cohesion between teams... it is a small investment with a very big return. 

How does nutrition affect health and well-being?

Nutrition is a key pillar in people's health, since "we are what we eat". Nutrition is the gasoline that we put into the vehicle that is our body, so it has a direct impact on how we feel, our energy levels, etc. It is not only about preventing the disease, but about living better every day and feeling that we are our best version! 

How do you integrate healthy eating into your events?

I take great care in eating at our wellness events, which is why I try to ensure that the food we offer is all seasonal, organic if possible and local. If I'm going on a retreat, I like to take the chef with me so we can design the menus together and if it's an outside caterer, I try to choose the healthiest options they have. 

How does physical exercise affect well-being and health?

We should all move every day, not only to improve our health but also because it has been proven that we generate endorphins that make us happy! It is important that you find that sport that motivates you to be constant and try to prioritize yourself during the week to find those gaps in physical movement. Even if it's climbing stairs, walking or doing 5 min of stretching, it all adds up! 

How does the environment affect well-being and healthy living?

Our planet is our home! We must take care of it with all the love, affection and respect it deserves. It is a gift, we inherited the land from our ancestors and we must keep it for future generations. For years I have tried to make daily gestures to help the planet (recycle at home, use more respectful products...) and I feel a great collective responsibility, especially now that I am a mother. 

What has been your biggest challenge leading The Well Co.? How have you gotten over it?

My two biggest challenges to date have been starting in the middle of the pandemic (end of 2020) and having been a mom for the third time last year! I believe that adversities make you stronger, they take you out of your comfort zone and make you discover capabilities that you didn't even know you had. So I feel very proud that I was able to overcome these obstacles and have learned from them! 

How do you imagine The Well Co. will evolve in the coming years?

My project, like many others, has pivoted a bit over time in terms of the business model. My goal in the coming years to continue helping companies improve the well-being of their employees and also to become organizers of corporate events (teambuildings...). 

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