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The secret behind the fields of our Brihuega lavender

el secreto de la lavanda orgánica de Home Healthy Home

The lavender fields of Brihuega: exceptional care and world-class lavender in our products.

The lavender fields of Brihuega in Spain are not only an impressive visual spectacle, but they also contain exceptional care and unsurpassed quality that have made them a world reference in the cultivation of this wonderful plant.

In this article, we will explore the special care that makes these fields so exceptional, the use of their lavender in our Home Healthy Home products, and why this lavender is considered one of the best in the world.

Caring for the Brihuega Lavender Fields

The Brihuega region has ideal climatic and geographical conditions for growing lavender. However, the meticulous care and dedicated attention of our local farmers is essential to maintaining the quality and beauty of these fields year after year.

  1. Species selection: Choosing the right lavender varieties is essential to ensure abundant and resistant flowering. Our Brihuega farmers have carefully selected species that thrive in this specific environment.

  2. Precise watering: Lavender is a drought-resistant plant, but it needs water at key times to develop properly. Farmers in the region implement precise irrigation systems to ensure plants receive the proper amount of water.

  3. Pest and disease control: Constant monitoring and the application of sustainable and ecological agricultural practices keep pests and diseases that could damage crops at bay.

  4. Careful harvesting: Lavender is harvested at its optimal flowering time to ensure that its essential oils and aromatic properties are at their peak.

Brihuega lavender in Home Healthy Home products

Home Healthy Home, a Spanish company committed to quality and caring for the environment, has found one of its star ingredients for its products in Brihuega lavender. The selection of this lavender is due to its high concentration of essential oils and its long-lasting aromatic properties.

  1. Long-lasting scent: Brihuega lavender is known for its long-lasting fragrance, making it an ideal choice for soaps and perfumes. Its aromatic notes remain in clothing even after washing.

  2. Softening properties: Lavender essential oils not only provide a pleasant aroma, but also act as natural softeners, leaving clothes soft and fresh.

  3. Relaxing effect: The relaxing aroma of lavender provides a feeling of calm and well-being, making the laundry experience more pleasant.

You can enjoy this essence in the laundry soaps No. 11 and No. 13 , in the personal care soaps No. 150 and also in a hand and body bar with lavender. And of course, in the home perfumes Nº200, Nº220 and Nº240

One of the best lavenders in the world

Brihuega lavender has gained recognition around the world due to its exceptional quality and aromatic benefits. Some of the reasons why it is considered one of the best lavenders are:

  1. Climate and soil: The Mediterranean climatic conditions and fertile soil of the Brihuega region provide an ideal environment for growing lavender.

  2. Biodiversity: The biodiversity of the region contributes to the richness of lavender's essential oils, resulting in an unmatched aromatic quality.

  3. Tradition and knowledge: Brihuega farmers have perfected their lavender growing and care techniques over generations, ensuring the consistency and quality of the product.

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In conclusion, the lavender fields of Brihuega stand out not only for their amazing beauty, but also for the dedication and care that farmers dedicate to maintaining their excellence. For all these reasons, Brihuega lavender has become one of the best lavenders in the world, attracting travelers and lovers of natural essences from all corners of the planet.

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