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The fascinating process of collecting our lavender in Brihuega

El proceso de recogida de nuestra lavanda en Brihuega Home Healthy Home

The collection of our organic lavender in the Brihuega fields is a meticulous process that requires care and the utmost dedication to guarantee the quality and optimal performance of this precious plant.

Over the years, local farmers have perfected these farming practices, passing them down through the generations to ensure that Brihuega lavender maintains its status as one of the world's finest lavenders.

harvest time

The lavender in the Brihuega fields blooms at the end of June and beginning of July, this being the optimal time for harvesting. Farmers closely observe the development of the flowers to determine the exact moment when they should start harvesting. It is essential to harvest the lavender at this time to ensure that the essential oils are at their highest concentration and that the aroma is most intense.

hand harvest

The lavender harvest is mainly done manually, which guarantees delicate care in handling the plants. Pickers, equipped with shears or sickles, wade into the purple fields and carefully select the lavender branches. This manual method allows you to avoid unnecessary damage to the plants and to select only the most mature and healthy flowers.


After harvest, the lavender branches are bundled and hung in dry, well-ventilated places, such as warehouses or sheds. Drying is a crucial step to preserve the aromatic and therapeutic properties of lavender. During this process, the water present in the flowers evaporates, concentrating the essential oils and ensuring that the characteristic lavender fragrance lasts for a long time.

distillation of essential oils

Once the lavender has been properly dried, the essential oils are distilled. This process is carried out using a still, a traditional technique that allows extracting the aromatic oils from the plant. The heat and steam release the essential oils from the flowers, which are then condensed and collected as a liquid, the famous lavender essential oil.

Our products with lavender from Brihuega

We use organic lavender from Brihuega in many of our products for its olfactory, softening, antiviral, antibacterial and aseptic properties.

You can enjoy this essence in laundry soaps No. 11 and Nº13 , in personal care soaps No.150 and also in hand pill and body with lavender. And of course, in home perfumes No.200 , No.220 and No.240

Commitment to sustainability

It is important to note that the collection of lavender in Brihuega is carried out with a sustainable and respectful approach to the environment. Farmers in the region are aware of the importance of preserving local biodiversity and adopt responsible farming practices to maintain the health of the ecosystem and the quality of the lavender fields.

You can read more in our article: "The secret behind the fields of our Brihuega lavender".

In conclusion, the collection of lavender in the fields of Brihuega is a fascinating process that combines tradition, meticulous care and the search for excellence. From the selection of the flowers at their optimum point of ripeness to the distillation of the valuable essential oils, each step in this process contributes to the quality and reputation of Brihuega lavender as one of the best in the world. So next time you enjoy a Home Healthy Home product, remember the hard work and love that goes into every drop of this wonderfully aromatic plant.

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